From that song the 12 Days of Christmas many new verses and wishes have been made. Tonight’s Christmas Eve 2011 and I think it appropriate to make my own 12 Days and 12 Wishes by looking back at this past year. I’ve picked them out because mankind has at some point in the past proved peace and prosperity is possible. There’s no need to complain it can’t be done.  All 12 wishes have been done before. I hope you’ll join in and make your wishes and gifts for those people important to you. It’s not just for Christmas, but for all time.


Happy Holidays! Make your great wishes.


On the 1st Day of Christmas; bring all the soldiers home.
Instead of pushing daisies and growing poppies on their graves, soldiers should be pushing prams as dads and mums. Let’s have them nurture life instead of snuffing them or themselves out. Grow up and grow old with their children and families. Spread love and not spray bullets. Heal the sick and not create the wounds.

On the 2nd Day of Christmas; have food on every table for everyone.
The sum total of food is massive, more massive than the starvation in the world would have us believe. There’s food aplenty for all. Children need never die of starvation. Warlords need never steal for hunger.

On the 3rd Day of Christmas; replace bad food with old fashioned organic ones.
By bad food, I mean the stuff that nature never intended for food to be created. It’s all that GMO, pesticide laden, chemically fertilized creatures that some despicable people have deemed as the perfect feed. I say feed because they are meant to take over the worldwide quality of real food. These GMO’s in plants and animals are cross breeding with natural foods that Mother Nature has intended for our consumption. These poisonous things should be removed permanently. I get sick eating this stuff. It’s the organics for me, my children, my friends and every person on this planet anytime and every time.

On the 4th Day of Christmas; protect against cell phone and satellite radiation.
Cell phones, satellites, power lines, microwave ovens are all emitting such incredibly high amounts of radiation. They have already been shown to damage our cells and cause illnesses. Let’s have absolute standards to protect against these radiation sources.

On the 5th Day of Christmas; teach everyone prosperity.
Why the poverty? Everyone has the right to prosperity. Teach to create the atmosphere and knowledge to prosperity. There will be no more strife, stress and reduced illness. Each will have his or her desired outcome. Plenty is for everyone.

On the 6th Day of Christmas; convert weapons into ploughs.
The budgets allocated to endless wars, weapons, the military and control of other nations are incredibly huge. Those resources, redirected to reclaim all debts and the efforts of fighting would be better served to create better lives for all. Even enemies become friends when there is plenty. The lust to control more becomes diminished.

On the 7th Day of Christmas; health with good nutrition not forced medications.
Stop all that unnecessary vaccinations, drug use, easy access over the counter drugs and many other forced drug use. Educate people and doctors on the use of proper nutrition to healthful recovery with nutrition. Stop the false advertising that drugs are safe. Let poisons remain poisons and their use tightly controlled. Honest nutrition is what brings health.

On the 8th Day of Christmas; commanders of nations command for prosperity.
Commanders of nations are people who are the extreme elites of the planet. They are the true rulers of the earth. I say that simply because they exert such massive influence over everything we do in our lives. All industry is controlled by them. The presidents and prime ministers are but puppets. When they be controllers of prosperity for all, the world is without war. So, who will reign? Those who pave the way for plenty or those who force strife?

On the 9th Day of Christmas; manipulated news be banned but told in balanced views.
Ahhh, slander, lies, false reports, confusion, mass control and all that dastardly shenanigans in the media be gone! Too often the news does not reflect the truth of a balanced report. Once in a while, we hear of good reporting being stifled. In some countries, laws still protect all news to be reported in a balanced or truthful manner. Anyone and everyone is entitled to the correct news and reporting. This means, all that stressful bad news which are in error will steadily diminish. It is surprising how much less stress in the population’s psyche there will be. If you tell someone bad news all the time, he or she will think negatively; if you tell more good news and truthful news, he or she will make educated decisions.

On the 10th Day of Christmas; be good neighbours and not cause trouble over there.
Why is there so much interference in another country’s troubles? Be a good neighbour and they will more likely want the example of your peace and prosperity.

On the 11th Day of Christmas; people should take back control of their countries.
Government officials must stop using government resources to control the citizenry. Democracy? It seems more and more that elected officials are using the reason of being elected to control the citizens. Why do they rule? An elected official works for the people who elected them, not the other way around. This is happening all over the world.

On the 12th Day of Christmas; families remain at peace and love together.
Encourage, educate and promote family prosperity. A truly happy and prosperous family is wonderful thing to see and experience. Ancient cultures revere the great family life as do many wealthy people. A healthy and wealthy family is the foundation of a wealthy and healthy nation and then the world.
Divorce seems to be the typical social disease. It surpasses business lawsuits in causing more distress among the lives of people. And I mean all the people involved. It begins from the lawyers, the law makers, the social workers, parents and children. Then the problems spread throughout the businesses like banks. Businesses suffer and bankruptcies become commonplace. Add to that dysfunctional people and more drug use with crime. Bad health and more hospitalization and ‘legal’ drug use grow to epidemic proportions. In short, society grows against so many disadvantaged people.

On the Bonus Day of Christmas; a toy and gift for every man woman and child.
It is always the most pleasant of experiences when we can always look forward to something worthwhile in our lives. Too much fun and enjoyment has been taken away from our lives. In its place has been placed the ideas of debt burdens, lack and loss. Bring the pleasure back. It is within the resources of this planet to provide all that for all of us. Eliminate the divisive controls and there is always plenty.

Have yourselves a very Happy and Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays to you all.

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