Reading historical books I found that mankind has always prayed for good luck. It’s a natural desire to be blessed by the goddess of good luck. Having plenty with ease is a wish and desire many men and women pray for. It appears that a few people have that incredible ability to have plenty and often come out the winner in games of chance. Then there are those who always seem to have the winning hand in negotiations. These business geniuses become titans of industry by going from one great deal to another profitable venture. The goddess of good luck is with them.

An Ancient Tibetan Goddess of Good Luck offering Prayer Blessings.

Favours Of The Goddess Of Good Luck

We all hope to be favoured by whatever Goddess of Good Luck that visits these lucky people. Were they born of a close relation to this wonderful deity? Is there some way we can meet her and attract not only her favourable attention, but her generous favours? Is there a way to attract good luck? Some people absolutely believe so. Others may put it down to superstition but they do secretly adore that very idea. Is it any wonder that the demand for the attentions of this luck bestowing entity has been in the greatest of demands for many millennia throughout history?

Well known are the ancient farming peoples that pray and make offerings that they may have abundance in their harvest. There have even been specially gifted shamans who are entreated to intercede on one’s or the people’s behalf. Their historical significance have even continued to this day in some cultures. If the Babylonians are still with us, they would have many tales to tell too. But perhaps the Tibetans could tell us about their Taras.

Feng Shui from the Chinese cultures still reigns supreme today. In fact, with the competitive nature of living, any good luck bringing system has the tendency to become immensely popular. Vastu of the Indian peoples are also undeniably popular. The struggle to achieve an abundant lifestyle is more desirable than ever. And this is where we all take a step back and wonder at the wondrous economic powerhouses that are practically commanding the international businesses of today. Are they in close relations with this wonderful Goddess of Good Luck?

Good Luck Is Universal

The great desire for good luck is just as strong in the hearts and minds of the men and women of today as it was so long ago. But do they realise what good luck mat really be? This universe is precise in what it gives as it is asked. These men and women are often already enjoying the good luck they so desire because it is what they have been picturing in their hearts and minds. They see their lot and offer this as their desires to the universal Good Luck Goddess. And she answers.

Those who picture and desire something more bountiful because they have the right purpose within their hearts and minds, they will receive such opportunities. But to receive and make use of such opportunities is where people often fail their desires. They refuse to accept the good luck offered to them. Perhaps a business deal that appeared to be too good to be true comes your way. Do you accept it but investigate it as a precaution or do you simply refuse it?

For example if a desperate seller of a house needs money immediately but you wait to decide over the weekend but find the property sold for a much higher price. But if you were wise and believed that good luck visits you with the blessings of the Goddess of good luck or even if you consider yourself lucky, then, you would have been truly blessed with a fortune made overnight.

Good luck is a universal desire but few can manage to understand that luck favours the swift of action. So it is in this fast paced international scaled business transactions we have to contend with these days. So, to those who are lucky in the eyes of the many, enjoy it because you have now the fortune of great and lucky knowledge to have what men and women have searched and paid fortunes to find. You have what they have all considered to be born under lucky stars despite your very hard work to achieve your deserved riches. You have the Goddess of Good Luck at your side blessing you.

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