Talk to an open market trader and he or she will tell you irrevocably that timing is your golden key to wealth. This timing is really about a period in which a window of opportunity exists so that one in the know can make a large and leveraged profit. Now, some opportunities have a longer time span while others may disappear in mere minutes. And then, in rare situations, where survival is of the utmost importance, the opportunity for striking it rich exists for only seconds. But what if the opposite is also true when the period of opportunity is always open?

Timing Is Your Golden Key

Timing your investments may be a golden key to wealth

Timing as a key for wealth building is important as a specific indicator for opportunity. That means this key only focuses on the short or near term so that the investor can make the best use of getting in the market where the most profit is being made. It does not mean one cannot make money when one enters the opportunity at a later time. Anyone traditionally can on a long term investment but it is the leverage that makes in more worthwhile and less risky.

When timing is the main concern, ‘experts’ in various industries will use that as a catch phrase to their advantage and force an urgent response from you. “Buy now or miss the boat” is the war cry. But if you miss one, what they don’t tell you is that the next boat will still come. The golden key to wealth is to know which boat to catch and when. Patience and perseverance is the real key here.

Timing Is Forward Thinking

Placing your investment in early and making the best of profit opportunities is extremely forward thinking. In fact, the super wealthy make use of this exceptionally lucrative method. How do they do it?

By developing an intimate knowledge about investing and making huge leveraged profits, the super wealthy actually use their feelings (not instincts) to tell to invest or not. For example, many people love to invest in gold. What is golden will shine right? Yet, most such investors literally lose their shirts delving in it. You see, many people bought this precious metal at the wrong time with the wrong type of leverage. Many years ago, many investors turned into panic buyers and lost everything when the price of gold collapsed. However, those who have invested in the selling of gold, made a mint. So, which side of the market you were in was all a case of timing.

Wealthy investors go where others do not by investing early like using seed capital for promising looking businesses or even mining stakes. People in the know select special affiliate marketing companies to invest in too because they know that the long term impact of a rising and repeating income for many years to come means financial freedom. It’s because these investments if and when they are right, can become tremendous cash cows. The massive equities built often more than pays for any of the losing or mediocre ones which failed or simply takes longer to deliver. They did not become rich overnight. They built their wealth over many years of diligent investing.

Wealth Opportunities Are Always Golden And Open

That is the attitude the great investors take. They seem to have immense patience and an uncanny ability to pick big winners. They use timing. They could come into the market as it is about to boom or simply find a group of promising ones to hold onto. And the world stares in awe as their once penny stocks take off skyward. Or, they will simply hold onto their investments for decades before seeing a return. They use a short term timing and a longer term strategy in all the promising wealth building portfolios. You see, they have already been making more cash than they use. In fact, their attitude is not to spend what they don’t have.

It’s true that studying the opportunities and be intimately knowledgeable about particular industries is important but if it feels right, then that is good for you. However, if you think an investment is bad, it will in all likelihood turn out badly for you. Therefore, the super wealthy people are super confident of their abilities to pick winners. They have great knowledge but their decisions are very much based on emotions and feelings.

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