This a subject rarely talked about by personal development gurus. Changing desires requires sacrifice. They will talk about and make the talk about desires as your main driving force. You have a chief aim, but what you must give up to achieve all that can be far more daunting than these gurus know. In fact, have they even done it themselves? I very much doubt most of them have put in the sacrifice required to become as successful as they say they are.

Changing Desires

Developed on Exciting Dreams and Built on Tremendous Sacrifice - Shanghai

We do get simply sick and tired of being sick and tired of everything that says, “This is my sickening life.”  At that point is when the decision is made to get somewhere else. For better or for worse, something has to give. And truth be told, I will always determine that this thing that sickens everything about me has to go.

My desires change. And when I say change I mean I don’t want ever to feel this terrible way ever again. What have I got to lose? Everything. Everything about the past life I am ready to bet against the odds of becoming the winner of whom I really am. I am ready to lose it all to win it all. This is what I consider the winning edge of changing desires.

However, most folks, and I mean more than 99% of people really have no idea where they will go with this new found determination. Often, they will become shocked at what happens in their lives and simply fall back and give it up. Their old way was better because the pain of the change is simply too much to bear.

Sacrifices Of Success

Let’s put it the right way, if you are unwilling to bear the pain of the sacrifice, you give up the right to your desires. It can hurt. Yes, and often. I’m not talking about merely giving up the 30 hours of watching television in a week either. There’s much more at stake. This is life. Lives around you will be affected one way or another by this choice you make and act upon. It’s that powerful.

“What are you willing to give up in your life, your habits and even what you love to achieve to get your dreams?”
Discuss it with yourself deeply as the thoughts that come will scare you. If it does not, you are not driving far enough forward or deeply enough. It also simply mean your dreams are not big enough to excite you into action.

I say this with conviction because I see time and time again, people prefer becoming a loser because they give up. To begin with, their dreams are far too small. They are not exciting their minds and their vibes do not reach their souls. There is not enough staying power for them to feel the joys of the dreams tingling their toes or vibrating their minds and drive them into automatic addiction to do what it takes to achieve that dream.

Painful Decisions To Emerge The Winner

How can achieving the dreams you love cause pain? It can and does. You see, you are leaving a part of yourself behind, borne of habit and developed into your very DNA that wants to live on. Yes, there will be a battle you must face to build new cells, new DNA, new neurons and new habits. There will be the withdrawal pains like you have never known before. This is a battle you must conquer when your old stuff is fighting for mental space for you to remain the old you.

Then there will be the pain of the dream stealers who are absolutely against your new efforts to be who you are trying to battle to be. This is in addition to your already extremely tensed efforts of change. Of course, they will claim you can’t do it. The change in you signals their very DNA to battle you to stay that doormat they are so used to. If all else fails, you are an outcast. Those are threats you must face.

Then there may be situations when you must give up and even having to avoid situations that tie down your efforts. People I know, like my father had to leave his home, his family and the life he knew to strike out on his own. He ventured into an alien life where he spoke neither language nor could even write. Yet, super success awaited him. Yes, he became a powerful, respected and often feared individual.

Maybe even a child or a spouse may have to be parted from you until your fortune is made before your triumphant return. But, do that you must. That dream has to be so big and ingrained into your very being that you cannot live without being it. It gives you the excitement and elation of your very essence. Some call this a calling. Some give it the name of your destiny.

There are super successful entrepreneurs sacrificing all, surviving bankruptcy, going it alone, and living in poverty before they emerge in victory. It is almost like a miraculous change when this happens. Did this impossible to value guy simply become a billionaire overnight? Everyone who knew him, those who derided him or loved him (in truth, that’s rare) will come out and celebrate with him, hoping for some crumbs of wisdom (and preferably gold coins). But few true close friends will celebrate with true love and affection with him. They have lived through the thick and thin times together through often many years of 24/7 struggles to get there.

Have you got what it takes to make your dreams come true? Think about it carefully. Make sure your dreams excite and elate you. Nothing must ever hold you back. You are willing to sacrifice what you must in order to get there. Only then can you truly succeed and not live in mediocrity.

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