In nature, the poison or problem and the antidote or cure are frequently found near each other. I grew up near the wilderness and often traipsed into the forests of the Himalayan lower slopes. Sometimes, I would get stung by a plant’s thorns and the cure? Well, it’s just right there a few feet away. The sap of this little herb would do the trick! It’s this Mother Nature that offers us the cures to all our ills and problems are right next to you. If you bother to look closer!

Nature’s Lesson Of Contrasts


Nature's Contrasts

It’s so amazing that nature has produced the ability in all life forms to eventually develop defences against their predators. Tea plants can produce foul tasting secretions against even goats. A herb can grow on poisonous soil which is used against toxins like Arsenic poisoning. Fish can change colour to elude crocodiles.

When it’s spawning time, fish, insects and many other fauna can become dressed in their finest colours and are hyper active beyond all fear. All they are concerned with is their one sole purpose…sometimes we call that their drive or burning desire to procreate.

Yet it’s often the males who do this. The females remain as drab as ever. The males want to be seen and chosen by mates. The females need to find cover and blend with nature. Both ends of the spectrum are necessary for the survival of their respective species.

Our Problems And Cures

And so it is with our universe. Sound can be cancelled by anti-sound. A negative vibe is countered by a positive one. Illnesses can be measured by the very negative and low spectrum energy that people, animals and plants produce. Yet, healthy versions of them produce the opposite or the much higher vibrations of the spectrum.

So, it makes sense to simply be ever watchful and take steps to live our lives in the higher spectrum.
a) Eat real live foods with plenty of fresh and high energy nutrients – they are organic, non-GMO, fresh, lightly cooked, and never micro-wave cooked.

b) Your mental energy should be continuously made to be refreshed and rejuvenated – listen to great music, think thoughts in keeping with your dreams, do things and go to events that make you happy and rejuvenated, go to a spa, etc.

c) Your environment should consist of people and things and places that you love. It can take time effort and energy to achieve, but then is living in the most pleasant life you can worth it?

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