“Dad, that’s my secret diary. It’s private and personal!” Your teen is so emotionally distraught she has tears in her eyes. That look of distrust then wells up and all sense of camaraderie is lost. And yes, Mum or Dad, you suddenly feel like a jerk. If you have any consideration at all, you will rebuild that trust. If you enjoy being the dream stealer you’ll defend yourself by putting rats in her head.

Write my story of dreams in my secret diary.

Write Your Dreams

I use the analogy of writing a secret diary when a teen because that is the time of life when emotions and feelings are tremendously raw and powerful. They can over-ride anything else that smacks of common sense. But these natural growths once nurtured can bring immense success and develops that young mind to greatness. As we grow up, these emotions and feelings of what drives us to greater achievements are often lost in the despair called rats in our heads put there by people who don’t want your success.

That secret diary holds many of anyone’s thoughts, opinions and dreams. It is her life story that no one has the right to ever belittle. Encourage the dreams and you have a stronger winner. Destroy it and a beautiful life can be lost in despair. Is this you?

However, if you’ve ever been on the short end of the stick as many teens have been as a learning process, what with older siblings, cousins and so called best friends, recall that dream and be empowered because once you focus on them again, they come rushing back to you at record speed.

Therefore, go right back and write your secret diary again. Develop those dreams. Write your story down and like those teens, they jump on the opportunities with delight as they see them come into their lives. Remember the times when you or your children come rushing in and scream “Mummy, Daddy! Guess what? I got it. I got my bestest dream!”

Walk Your Life Story

Dreams are nothing if not worked upon. Yes, work! Too many people are so afraid of their dreams they hide. Like the teen whose dreams have been dumped on and made fun of, they often still cling on to what might have been. It is often a lost love but more often a lost opportunity to greatness. I am often surprised by the number of diary entries that talk of their greatest dream which is to make Mum and Dad proud in some way. But the rats in their heads stopped them. Makes one wonder who put them there.

But many of us are not teens anymore. Life often has its twists and turns because we have lost the direction and ideals we once had as children. If given a preference, children will always prefer to do things that are fun and creative. Rats tell them it’s a waste of time. However, some children have the wonder of parents who teach and support them to focus their talents and abilities. I am still in awe of them.

If you have given your all to walk your story then I congratulate you on your courage and determination. The success you develop you need not seek. You are in fact asking and then allowing. Writing things down acts as a reminder etched into your mind. It is a life plan offered to the universal directions that unfolds before you. Walk the steps of a thousand miles or ten thousand. You’ll get to where your diary takes you and then you go further.

Unfold your life story. Go back to your most primal and powerful moment when your dreams were ripped from the recesses of your mind and buried in shame or darkness. That is actually the power of your soul calling you to make use of. Those dreams that are full of emotional power are ready and waiting. So called long lost stories of the past like youthfulness are not lost. They are just placed on hold awaiting you to pick the flaming torch and show the way again. Walk your life story that you have so much loved within a once precious part of your life called my secret diary.

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