Emotional resistance is something we all encounter daily. And from emotional resistance a new opportunity to change for the better is created. That makes life interesting. To those who recognize it can take advantage of the situation. Life’s blockages become rewarding experiences.

Obvious Emotional Resistance

Emotional Resistance. Change for the Better can come slowly to some people like the Tortoise.

Emotional resistance is sometimes very obvious and that signals our minds to deal with it or not. It often depends on the ego or if it causes embarrassment. A friend was once bitten by a dog and he now fears and reacts negatively to them.

However, one day in a crowd of relatives, kids teased him about his fear of their tiny little shih-tzu. He put in strong emotional effort to overcome that fear. Over a matter of minutes, he was able to pet that delighted little dog. It did not take him long to understand his own emotional resistance and he sure learnt fast to deal with it.

Hidden Emotional Resistance

However, in most people’s lives, there are the hidden ones that remain unnoticed. They can disrupt our ability to prosper with unfathomable fears and guilt. Sometimes this emotional resistance can arise when, for example, someone considers themselves unworthy of that coveted promotion or breaking a great relationship.

Many such distraught people never seek help. Their life experiences offer them little or no hope. They have already become too fearful to want to change for the better.

Events In Everyday Life

It happens with ourselves and everyone who we meet with opinions and events that appear to be at odds. It can happen to people, animals and in fact nature itself. For example:

* When a telemarketer tries to push an unheard of phone system on you, you’d likely just resist and hang up.
But that experience allows you the opportunity to learn from him. You can create positive change with a new and much more acceptable promotional method for your own products.

* A small dog tries to chase a cat but that cat may turn with ultimate fearsome resistance and fight. 
That may teach that dog to stop making such a racket which begets a more peaceful co-existence to never chase cats again.

* Notice a stream as it encounters resistance in the form of a log or mudslide.
It merely takes a different route or fills up the surrounding space to gain strength until it can overcome the opposing ground by overflowing and then the cycle repeats.

Emotional Resistance is Natural

It is amazing what nature itself can teach us. So, the way I see it, nature itself demonstrates to us human animals that resistance is a good thing. Emotional resistance is actually a natural occurrence.

Therefore I recognize that my emotional resistance offers the opportunity to fine tune my life, my business and my relationships. Each time it occurs, I have learnt to use the events or situations as the chance to change for the better. It allows me to learn and be far better in whatever I intend to accomplish every step of the way.

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