This article is really dedicated to those researching the need for personal development in business. Oh yes, for want of personal development, I wish I knew then what I know now.

Like Sheep for Want of Personal Development

How many of you had the (mis)fortune of going through similar experiences?

Success with Supplemental Income

Just like many (most) people, I was also on the trail of a better life. I looked to supplement my income. Of course, I tried all those part time jobs that seem to eat up all my time and at the end of the month, it cost just as much to maintain them. I gave that idea up. Then there were these small budget but high sweat part time businesses that nobody seems to hire you for. Or perhaps that delivery business that cost me more than it was worth. By now, I felt pretty blind and helpless. Could I ever make enough dimes over my regular pay?

Then along came a spider and I was the fly…I found MLM or rather it found me via a sweet talking ‘expert’. Then just like herds of sheep getting fleeced, I joined the que. Two by two we marched with eyes shining bright and wallets wide open into the sp(ider’s)onsor’s web page to sign up (can’t help myself for the pun).

All the while, my partner and I had been totally mesmerized by their big message(lie), “ The ease of making really big recurring income.” Unfortunately, that made us blind to every other requirement and responsibility that came with running a proper business. The most important problem was that we were simply not ready. We had not yet been mentally prepared. The business and our thinking were not matching. Our psyche was not a match to what we must do for success.

Feeling Lost Without Personal Development

Aah, the dreams of sweet success. After the night’s euphoria, the stark reality that we were really lost sheep sunk in. Fear started with a tremble when we realized that our credit cards were maxed out. Perhaps buying that new car would have been better? Doubt reared its ugly head each time we looked at the mirror and our first 2 victims. That’s what they told us. Just find 2 and you can have it made especially when you might then get that super star under you. Yes, the convincing talk of being on easy street.

Support was disappointing and was really designed to gouge more money from us. Courses and love ins at expensive destinations and paying for more and more marketing materials and products to give away… Dreams of easy money and the good life became a nightmare.

Want Success? You’ll Want Personal Development

But that was many years ago.  I could and should go on but this site is about success in personal development in anything you do. You see, there so many ways to that great life. Too many to even begin to mention. Each person can have a very different choice for the taking. It may be money or financial freedom you want to create. Perhaps it’s that carefree lifestyle with worry free travel on the agenda.

If you want to get wealthier, it is best to be in a business that suits you. Unfortunately, most people are simply not ready. In short their personal development is really not on par with what they think is achievable. In fact it often becomes an emotional roller coaster.

Emotions Affect Success

Without control of your emotions, emotions that have become a habitual attack on your peace of mind and comfort control you. It controls what you do, how you relate to anything you do including businesses and people. In fact you become negatively reactive. Meaning you are triggered by what you have already learned to do in any given situation. Ideally, you want to be able to be the master of those situations. Imagine being so confident that even a bad accident or event in front of you just brings out the cool in you. Or a fantastic money making opportunity comes to you and you grab it for your benefit happily. Most people being emotionally unstable will run the other way. So, really want do you want out of this one life?

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