How I allowed peace into my experience and released the fears I had been harbouring for so many years, was to allow peaceful experiences to dominate my feelings.

Fear Destroys

Peaceful Experience

For many years I had lived on the edge. You know the kind of life I mean. You get to the edge, the threshold of a great accomplishment like finding the right man or a great job or a huge opportunity for a great income and I back right out at the very last second.

And then, I berate myself endlessly for being “such a coward”. But what was always holding me back? Sure I used to blame this that and the other. My so and so told me not to or someone jealous coming along and I blame that person for saying something nasty and making me lose my dream.

Today, I say that’s all bulls*** and there’s no way that can happen. Or can it? Well, there was this person that really brought me back to those bad old days when I would run from success at the drop of a comment.

But then I realized that this was just a small event to remind me that was what I do not want in my new ventures. No, I used to allow my new ventures to be destroyed by fear. Not anymore and never again.

Create Positive Emotional Reinforcements

These are tools for your personal development. Think of them as pick me ups for your emotions. When someone or some event eats into your psyche in a negative way, you use them immediately. It’s a habit I found ALL the super successful people do all the time. Is this their secret to their smiles and seemingly being at peace with themselves all the time?

Part of my personal development quest was the ability to heal every aspect of myself. I had always known that my emotional ups and downs were destructive not only to my physical state but also to my mental state. At the time I knew very little about the co-relation between the mind, body, emotion and feeling. But today, it really is personal mastery to be able to use these magnificent but oh, so simple tools.

This idea is simple to put together. Anyone can do it. All you need are a range of:
1) Excellent personal development books.
2) A range of positive audio tapes, mp3s or cds.

Listening to the confidence booster audios while driving and reading the right great books daily redevelops the mind in a way constantly reinforces success, success, success. Even if you know deep down that there were issues that needed to be dealt with, doing this daily will strengthen your mind.

To reiterate, pick up one of these books or simply listening to one of these audios will help alleviate you from ever getting your dreams “stolen” by that nasty so and so. In fact I find myself smiling even after some incomprehensible negativity from some negative types whose only mission in life is to spread failure. We’ve all been there at odd times in our lives. In fact I take heart that the most successful people I know deal with such people far more than I do.

Allowing Positive Experiences

As Abraham Hicks would say,” Allow the positive experiences in your life and more will inevitably come.” How true.

The more I allow the positive feelings and knowing that each person I have the opportunity I meet only enriches my experiences, I meet more great people. In associating with the people who have achieved what I want in life, I find, I am experiencing more of these fun experiences too.

But the real key is to allow everyone, the good the bad and the ugly to be who they are. There will be those who will try to push you. But offering no resistance or by allowing the issue to pass immediately, I find the positive ones invariable is just around this coming corner. It’s sheer magic!

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