A friend once tried to inspire me by telling me, “Be in the moment.” It’s something you’ve got to do if you want to be who you are. Being in the moment will get you tuned in to me, to anyone else and especially when you want to excel. You can become very wealthy and a millionaire if you are there. Well, that sounded so profound. It took more years of trial and error before I could begin to understand how anyone can really benefit from it.

Choose being in the moment of - conch shells or beach paradise.

Pardon Me? I’m Confused

That was decades ago and English not being my first language, I was rather bemused. I said, “Sounds like a fantastic idea…Tell me more…” if only I knew what he meant. Little did I know, it was the “In” phrase at the time in North America when personal development was starting to become a big issue. Mind you, I was trying to be in that moment to understand what he said and yet I was lost at the same time. And yep, 2 decades later, he still couldn’t explain in to me.

After that moment with the friend, I often asked people what being in the moment meant to them. Each one has similar yet a different twist to the idea. So, it really meant that it was in their moment that they should be in. I can’t be in theirs and they can’t be in mine. It’s rather similar to one man’s meat is a woman’s poison. Each meaning at any one time is different because the vibrations are different.

Quantum Physics or Chaos Theory?

Not to belittle the learned community but there have been so many misuses of these beautiful scientific work.  Some wise cracks tried to shoehorn quantum physics into the moment as it meant to that one person. But according to their very own agreement of quantum, each and every meaning to one person is always different to another.

Then came the readings on Chaos Theory. As everything reorganises themselves into one useful order, being in the moment puts one in the perfect place to benefit from it. Well, I asked some professors and these personal development teachers what that meant and to please, please, please give some real life examples. They said they were still in the process of researching how a human can be involved in such an issue. They’re still testing it. My head hit the table in despair and I left the lecture hall and the school never to return.

More than ever, I’m confused. Then it struck me, it is the correct understanding of what being in the moment meant. Not that the examples are meant to be quantifiable. Indeed, they may never be. That’s simply because everything in our universe is called into action. All that really matters is as the opportunity presents itself, one should be in the position to take advantage of it and do more if you enjoy it. Just like the law of attraction.

Effectiveness of Being In Your Moment

As thoughts become things, the confusion that is chaotic is organised by my constant thought vibrations to organise it all to the way I want this energy to form. If I like what I get, I do more, If not, I change it all over again. Aaah…and it’s been working well for the most part. No one’s mind is perfect after all.

Not being perfect sometimes mean you are creating all the mess in your life you have right now. Remember, thoughts can be very confused and vary widely from minute to minute. The trick is to focus it with physical things. For example, if you are constantly getting into arguments, that is a singularly effective activity. You are emphasising arguing with your thoughts, mind, feelings, emotions and in its manifestation, you are expanding that energy to set you up for the next time. Next time, you become even more proficient at arguing.

If this bugs you, then you know how you can use it to become that wealthy guy or gal or be super successful in whatever you choose. However, the biggest “BUT” of all is that we as a species hate change. So we do what we declare is our super duper best dream of all and start with our dream book, listening to stuff and only stop at the exercise of talking to a few people.

Hey, what about doing the actual physical manifestation of it all? You know, the physical meetings and conventions and the being with people you like and who have been successful. Then there is something else these people tell me to do. And that is to be actually present and touch, feel and know that these things you want to manifest is there. That’s means, go to the house or type of house you really want and take pictures of you in it. Go into the car you desire and take pictures or videos of you test driving it. Like money in the bank…then go in, withdraw a handful of cash and get a friend to take a picture of you walking out of the bank with cash in hand!

Get it? It really works. And thank the god of the law of attraction who provided me with these angels who guided me over being in the moment. These have become my moments and they can easily be yours. All I did was to get off my butt and actually go out there and do the things I want because sitting where I am, the things I already have are here. And if you find sitting on that nail hurts stop complaining and get off it!

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