Miracles happen. Often called the 10 second miracle, happens when you are so sick and tired of being sick and tired of what terrible occurances keep repeating themselves. When one has had more than enough of the terrible issues, then one is willing to make the change. You’ll do what it takes to allow things to happen, not force it as per our typical bad habits. Then the inevitable change occurs.

Miracles Happen


The Miracle in an Instant

Changes for the best life you’ve ever had will come out of the worst times. When you say, “I Have Had Enough! I am sick and tired of this thing in my life.” I turned my back to this sickness, this total failure, this abject poverty. I declared, “ I want the great, wonderful life. The life I now dream about. Right now. This very second.” I never looked back. I can now only experience my dream.

That’s a natural miracle. Ancient wisdom often gives examples of change for the better when truly desired. Like in the symbol of the Yin and Yang, during the darkest of periods, the spark of new light will begin. Miraculous changes occur. The decision you make really occurs in an instant but our minds need to hear ourselves make our commitment. Hence it could take another 10 seconds.

A Relationship Gone Bad

Many of you must have been through such similar issues as I had. You are in a relationship that has been bothering either you or your partner, but both do not have the courage, clarity or clue to make a change for the better. Changes are usually appear too tough to even consider. But what we do not see is the indicating signs life is heading for a crash. Changes will be good for both but we think the worse of things. The outcome may not be pleasing to us. Mental noises come to deposit fear, “what if someone criticize us, want if my partner is going to leave me, I worry if my parents or friends find about us, our situations.”

Looking for other peoples’ opinions is like saying, “…please sympatize with me. See, I am a victim here.” We play the game of manifesting more of the same trash.

When You Had Enough, you will want what works for you and your partner. Not all the whimsy heresay and defintiely not others saying.  Other peoples’ opinions will only come from their experience, they are not in your shoes. They do not feel what you feel. How can you expect them to know your ‘plight’? They are not the creator for your life, you are. You are the creator, and its time to say, enough is enough.

Miraculous Relief

If you are not looking for other peoples’ opinions, congratulations! It is a difficult, challenging road, but it is a Great Road! Once your miracle is put in motion, let nothing upset your direction. Situations will appear to counter your joy, but those are really an affirmation, a guidance for your true joy. Just remember and focus on your dream. Always make it a happy occasion and you’ll have those happy times.

The moment you are willing to take charge to make necessary changes to bring peace, harmony, balance, love, respect into your relationship, you will start seeing things that you could not and would not before.

See and feel what you may have missed. You will see the bright flowers. You will see the ground you walk on smiling back at you. You will feel the lightness in the air that breeze thru you. You will feel and be the invincible being that you are. You will your desires coming together to fulfill your dreams. You will see and experience your dreams manifest.
May you attract your miraculous dreams, Godspeed.


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