Success is What You Make of It

Success takes many forms, but I find nothing more befitting than our very own deep personal experiences and expression in life. Looking up the dictionary we find various descriptions such as achievement, accomplishment, victory, triumph, win and so on.

Definition of Success: This Super City in Asia

We can read, hear and write words that are attributes of success. But they mean nothing until someone breathes life into it. Success only has meaning to the person who has accomplished what he or she has intended to do.

Far too often people who do not understand success, how to get there or have actually done it over and over have come out and sold themselves as gurus. Their information is really an amalgamation of what they think success Might Be and not what it really means to the person in question; you, me, them, us, the people who want to become.

Of course, finding great mentors will be fantastic and in of itself a success to some. Mentors can lead you to find your desires, but it is entirely up to you. You must be responsible for yourself, your own successes.


Unfortunately, we are overwhelmed today, especially in the last couple of years when all these gurus, teachers, coaches, mentors have come out and started delivering their state of the art of marketing.

They are either marketing their business, products, services, health benefits, or their personal development methods. Unfortunately, nearly all of them are based someone telling them from someone else and so on. Just imagine how colourful these have become. Truth be told, what was it that we were told we needed?  

As recent as a couple of years ago most of us have read books, watched the DVDs and listened to the CDs on secrets on how to be successful, and equating being rich as success.

Success: What Does it Mean to You?

Success is really what you set your desires on. No two people will have identical desires. Even if it’s a seemingly identical house for example, the floors or types of windows may be different.

There is nothing wrong with being rich. In fact, it is a noble desire to want enough money so that one may do as much as desires. However, the road to riches often requires you to change old habits for the correct new ones. If your old habits got you where you are now and you don’t like it, then you need to change your old habits to get what you want.

Again, the old paradigms dictate that we follow a certain recipe – do this and you will receive. If those systems really work, show me an example of someone for whom it has worked. As usual once in a while someone finds a way to make certain things or desires work with success.

Alternatively, does this certain discovery work for you? If you have really found your way through to a success, then, tell your story. How did you get there? You’ve read or listened to my experience. What is yours?

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