Drop the excuses and you’ll get it done. Just do it. “Excusitis” is the number one reason people do not accomplish what they had set out or said they would do. You might be behind in your exams. Maybe you’re looking for someone or some reason to blame for your business not reaching enough customers. Your start up event has no one paying attention. Let me repeat, “Just Do It”.

Stop Focusing On The How

Just Do It. Don't Worry About Deadlines

That perennial question,” How this and how that” is guaranteed to doom you to failure. You see, that is the worst question to hang on to. You can ask the supposed people in the know who have come from long years of study. However if they have no experience in your topic, but simply book learning, they will offer you many “how tos”. Unfortunately, there is no substitution for experience. The answers you often get will see that you will fail at your task. Focussing on the “how” to accomplish anything always end in doubt.

Always ask the entrepreneurs or the people who are actively doing the actual thing you want to accomplish. Their area of expertise is literally a treasure trove. You’ll have to dig and for it, but the treasure is there for the asking. The successful people here will not focus on the how but begin on the what, where, who, why and when. The how will be answered in due course.

These entrepreneurs simply had the faith in themselves that things will fall into place. They do not know the actual direction to take as they began. Often they simply worked their way through all the ups and downs. “Excusitis” is never in their vocabulary. “I can do this. Just do it” is their motto, one and all.

Deadlines For Success

There are financial and details that are due in any business or project. However, for your personal success, the focus is never on the timing. Forcing something to be done by focussing on absolute timing really is saying, “If the best deal comes tomorrow, I don’t want it.” I’ve heard countless stories of missed opportunities and dismissed great deals simply because the focus was on deadlines and not on the business at hand.

When you stick your noses into your tasks as they come with the overriding knowledge that each step is a step closer to your intended accomplishment, you will enjoy them. This becomes the fun factor often mentioned by very wealthy people. They don’t work, they have fun. And when it comes, you are ready for it. You accept it with relish.

I’ll let you know that when it comes, it comes with an almighty rush. Often it comes faster and bigger than you have ever imagined it to be. And your deadlines will likely become broken and unnecessary.

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  • Michele says:

    Absolutely! I agree 100%. There is no better way to get it done than to set yourself and your mind to “just do it”! It has been my experience that too many questions cause too many obstacles and in the end one gives up. The best way I have found to get there is to go through. Nice!

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