“Success comes through perseverance. Your fortitude pays off when people notice your achievements”…a mentor.

Here’s a good life long promise for yourself:

“I aspire and work towards success in everything I do.”

Create Success

How do you propose to create success in everything you do: be it your business, your school, your wealth, or your life?
Now, stating a set of goals, or even a single targeted goal does not mean you will get there simply by providence and wishful thinking alone. You will need to put your success plan into practice. Remember Napoleon Hill? It is the extreme focus and burning desire without reserve of time and energy of effort and thought that will lead you to unmitigated success.

For the purposes of illustration, let’s use business as the purpose of this discussion.

Fuk Luk Sau Chinese Wealth Gods for Success


Success Plan

In business this is often known as success through strategic management and strategic planning.

The beauty of making a success plan is it allows you to create your actionable steps and see for yourself if it is possible and probable that you can complete your plan.

Define what your success will be to you. State a figure of how much more successful you want to be.
For example:

a) Will it be 10 times more business success in one year?

b) How much more money do you want in your pocket?

c) Where do you wish to live 5 years from now?

d) What lifestyle do you wish to have 5 years from now?

e) Maybe you wish to complete your Doctorate in a prestigious university 2 years from now.
Again, let’s recall Napoleon Hill. “What the mind of man can conceive, you can achieve.”

* Devise your chief aim. This is your burning desire.

* But if the plan is far too ambitious for your mind, you will find that you may want to adjust the details of the business plan or frame required for success.

* Occasionally, whether by sheer hard work or simply because of market forces, your planned success is reached well ahead of time.

* Then my advice to you is to build upon it and reset your success plan again, with the same zeal and dedication that got you there the first time.

* This often occurs when you do not actually initiate a strict time schedule.

Call To Action

Thoughts, desires, declarations will all be worth absolutely nothing if you do not do this:
“it is the call to action”.

* You must make a plan of action to take step by step, of how you will get there from where you are today.

* That means to achieve your goal you have to take actionable steps to get from where you are now in your success plan to begin that process to achieve, step by step until you complete your success plan.

* This success plan is really an adjustable one. It must not remain static.

* And even though you are reaching your “chief aim”, do not stop there. Continue to build upon it. Simply put, it is because, the energy and your life does not end there.

To the contrary, notice I advocate making changes to your success planning as you go along. Things change, life changes, competition changes, markets change, even culture can morph itself depending on times and need.

If you can understand all these things, and put them into practice, you are taking a very important step to attain the great success you have always longed for.


Perseverance Means Never Giving Up

If a misstep occurs:

You encounter unforeseen problems that need solving, you must adjust your plans accordingly to either overcome the problems or take a different approach.

* The main Focus of being Successful is never giving up.

* But that does not mean driving yourself into the wall with ideas that will not work.

* Instead remember to adjust, change, rework your ideas until success comes.

* Often success begins in small doses – identify what works, remove what doesn’t, test or try some more ideas and repeat the process.

* One day, you will be pleasantly surprised that others call you successful.

* Then you can be the opportunist and capitalize on new markets.

*At all times, your burning desire will keep you driven in the right direction.

* Always keep your focus, your total concentration most of your day on your chief aim.

* You are making your own luck but I much prefer to consider that Success.

NOTE: This article was re-written by permission in excerpt from a book (Ten Pillars of Wealth) written by a friend in the Far East so long ago.

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