Regardless of what happens in your life and you can still come away feeling like a winner, you are indeed a rare but powerful soul. That winning feeling is rare for most of us most of the time. But there is nothing to stop anyone from feeling like a winner all the time except our very own doubts. We invariably fall into the ‘excusitis’ syndrome and make out reasons why we can’t be winners. However, just win once and you will know what it feels like. In fact, I know that most people have done so more than once in their lifetimes but have chosen to ignore them and put them into the unworthy category. You see, you were born. What were the chances of that happening in nature?

Self Generating Winning Feeling

That Winning Feeling

How does one get into that winning feeling has been a mystery for most of us. But one can use many of the positive thinking exercises that many of the successful people use. They read, they listen to audios, they bombard themselves with brain resonances, inspiring pictures, hypnosis and even going to rallies and events for the sole purpose of making one feel very ‘up’ and happy. Yet, the self generating winning feeling still eludes most of us.

Recently I met a pair of identical twins who were so far apart in their outlook on their lives I was surprised they actually grew up together. They lead lives of extreme contrasts. One was the perpetual underdog who was always feeling let down by everyone. The other was always pumped in whatever he did. This is the total positive thinker. He is always feeling like a winner.

So, are we born with it or are we supposed to train ourselves to think that winning way? It’s really not for anyone to decide. But I have observed little children who are apparently born optimists and the opposite is also true. But what is important is that we can teach ourselves to be a winner. We can learn to maintain that winning feeling, so says Dr. Maxwell Maltz (Psycho Cybernetics).

The Power Of Winning

Ask the winners in any sport, contest, making money, gambling or life and they will tell you that winning feeling is so absolutely indescribably fantastic. In fact, ask them more closely and they will likely tell you in secret that they always had that feeling that they would win. This became the unshakeable dream they always had. If the winners are those people who always had that winning feeling even before they began their endeavours, then we should all be doing the very same thing. So, how can we get into that winning feeling in the first place?

Well, many kids like to start on small thing that they can handle and see with confidence. They may win at a marble game. Perhaps they win a game of hide and seek or snakes and ladders. It’s the little steps that winners go through. Win and then celebrate those wins.

Now, let’s emulate successful people. They invariably set their sights higher with each success and then they actually win. But successful people do not win all the time. Amazingly, they remember their successes from their past and keep those feelings in the present for the future. They try often and many times later, they will win. But more importantly, they have the character to continue to see their dreams of success. Therefore, they repeat what they have been doing until wins come their way. They do this often enough until the successes themselves are what they are being known by. Just like goal scorers in games, just a few goals scored compared to the tries failed make them winning champions.

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